Our clients

Our clients’ needs differ and are unique.
We have specialized in assisting the largest capital owners in Norway, and therefore have relatively few clients. This allows us to work closely with each one, and tailor our advice and deliverables to the clients’ wishes and needs.

Pension funds

There are strict restrictions on how pension fund capital can be managed. We have advisers with years of experience, who are able to understand the relationship between asset management and the rules and obligations that govern pension funds. Sound and accountable asset management and risk management are key to being able to meet the future obligations of pension funds.

Family offices

All family offices are unique. We develop customized investment strategies and portfolios in close interaction with our clients. The critical elements of a successful collaboration are a deep understanding of the client’s financial goals, preferences, accountability requirements, and risk tolerance. We focus on building and maintaining strong portfolios that can survive good times and bad.


Sound and accountable management is important to all foundations. It is crucial to devise a suitable investment strategy that is adapted to the objects of the foundation. Foundations usually have a very long time horizon. This is a key factor when managing a foundation’s funds.


Gabler has helped municipalities manage their long-term surplus liquidity for over 20 years. Our team is familiar with the challenges of municipalities as a financial investor, and the requirements associated with this. More than others, municipalities’ finances follow the budget model, which entails special requirements regarding risk and goal achievement, and a need for reporting that secures legitimacy among local politicians and the inhabitants.


A strong understanding of our federation clients and the interests of their members is key to our relationship with them. Risk tolerance, liquidity, and the time horizon are critical elements when devising an adapted investment strategy. Federations are often subject to strict ethical guidelines regarding protection of the members’ interests. This must be reflected in the asset management and the reporting.