Asset Management

About us

Absolute independence has always been the driver of our business. Our clients can be confident that we always represent them when dealing with service providers.

The best proof of our competence is our client base and the duration of our customer relationships. Most of our clients have chosen us after tough competition with other national and international players.

Manager selection and monitoring

We help our clients identify and invest in some of the world’s best fund managers. We also help our clients end their relationships with managers, when required, often when there has been a good historic return, but the future outlook for the return is poor.

Our dedicated analysis team looks for managers throughout the world with a clear interest in corporate and value analysis. It is important to us that they have world-class analytical resources available that allow them to get to the bottom of investment opportunities they are considering.

We always meet managers before we recommend them to our clients. We meet the whole analysis team and identify key people on the teams in order to understand them and how they work. Taking action at the right time and selling one’s holdings with a manager when necessary is key to our clients’ long-term return.

The world is constantly changing. With Gabler as an adviser, you can be sure that we are constantly monitoring your portfolio. In some cases, this means replacing fund managers who have delivered solid historical returns, but where the prospects for future returns are weak.

Our employees work from our offices in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Cobenhagen. We provide advice and reporting services for assets worth NOK 100 billion.

Through our fund platform Gabler Insight, we guarantee our clients cost-effective operations, a full overview, and access to the world’s best managers. This gives you full control of your investments.

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