It is challenging for an enterprise to choose the right pension scheme for its employees. There are many different schemes on the market and the costs for the employer can vary a great deal. At the same time, pension schemes are important if a company is to attract the right recruits, because employees are more and more concerned with their pensions.

In connection with acquisitions and sales, the pension scheme can be of great importance to the valuation of a business.

In order to be competitive, we must ensure that we have the best expertise the market can offer at all times. We are close to 100 employees with expertise in pensions, insurance and investment. Gabler is owned by its employees, and we have no ties to life insurance companies or investment managers.

" Gabler is a knowledge-based company with Norway’s biggest and best qualified independent group of actuaries.

Our clients include pension funds, municipalities, enterprises, foundations and financial institutions. We have almost 50 pension funds and three life insurance companies as clients.

Since its formation in 1988, the company has expanded to become a well-established business that delivers good results in a forward-looking industry.

Hanne Langseth
Director - Gabler Client Services
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Many public authorities want to have their own pension fund as an alternative to the solutions offered by insurance companies. We manage private and public occupational pensions for both pension funds and insurance companies. Gabler processes pension applications quickly and efficiently. We also calculate the compensation and pension amounts and make monthly payments to individuals, and we place great emphasis on quality assurance.

Our actuaries act as the appointed actuary for more than 25 pension funds in both the private and public sectors. Our efficient computer systems handle all pension types: defined benefit schemes, defined contribution schemes and the new hybrid solutions. Clients can freely choose whether their scheme is to be managed by Gabler or by the enterprise itself via Gabler’s web portal.

" We deliver ready-to-use pension funds and manage all aspects of the scheme.

Pension funds are required to have a general manager who is responsible for preparing matters for consideration by the board, following up supplier agreements and compliance with official requirements and deadlines. Our highly qualified employees have extensive experience of services relating to the management and administration of pension funds and can help you in this context.

Hanne Langseth
Director Gabler Pension Services
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Gabler Accounting is an independent, authorised accounting agency with specialised expertise in pension fund accounts. We attend to all reporting to the authorities on behalf of our clients. We have acquired in-depth understanding of insurance and investments in addition to our accounting expertise.

Accounting for pension funds is a specialised and demanding job. Without special expertise in the area, it can be difficult to understand.

Key information is necessary if the board is to make good decisions. Our unique knowledge means that we can give them increased insight into the key information. Our goal is to get the board of a pension fund to feel that the uncertainty that is often associated with the accounts is significantly reduced.

" Our expertise in pensions and accounting is a huge advantage for our clients.

Gabler Accounting also provides several types of official reporting, such as stress tests, capital adequacy statements and tax assessment documentation.

Linn Janka Landås
General Manager, Gabler Accounting AS
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Pension systems are constantly changing. In order for a company’s pension scheme to function as an important employee benefit, HR personnel and managers must be up-to-date about both the company’s own schemes and the pension system in general. Our capable speakers give very useful lectures, training and courses.

Information and training improve change processes and make it easier to make good decisions. Finance departments need information about the consequences of changes in pension regulations and what they mean in terms of costs. The boards of pension funds must be knowledgeable about pension regulations and official requirements. After the pension reform, employees need a lot of information in order to be able to decide when to draw their pension and when to stop working.

We offer a range of standardised courses, but the best solution is usually to tailor courses to the needs of the enterprise.

Pre-retirement courses
  • The Norwegian National Insurance scheme, company pension schemes, the pension reform, the AFP scheme
  • Inheritance and administration and division of estates
  • How to manage your savings
  • The good life
Pension courses
  • How to manage defined contribution pensions
  • The Norwegian National Insurance scheme, company pension schemes, the pension reform, the AFP scheme
Board seminar
  • How to do a good job as a board member of a pension fund
Pension courses for HR personnel
  • The Norwegian National Insurance scheme, company pension schemes, the pension reform, the AFP scheme
  • Pension as an employee benefit
  • Pension administration in payroll systems etc.
Different pension schemes
  • Consequences for the company
  • Defined benefit/defined contribution/hybrid schemes
  • What is the right pension level for your enterprise?

Sølvi Martinsen
Senior Consultant
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Pension analysis
  • A strategic management tool for municipalities and enterprises
Pension commitment calculations
  • The Norwegian Accounting Standard (NRS) and the Norwegian Accounting Standard for Pensions (NRSP) for accounting purposes
  • Our actuaries carry out all types of calculations pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations
General manager
  • We perform this service on behalf of pension funds
Management of pension funds
  • Administration of membership registers, incoming and outgoing payments
  • All pension types in one system: defined benefit, defined contribution and hybrid schemes
Defined contribution pension analysis
  • Defined contribution pension providers are evaluated and ranked. This is a good basis for enterprises’ choice of pension provider
Actuary services
  • All types of actuarial calculations, including appointed actuarial services for pension funds
  • Valuation of pension commitments in connection with the buying and selling of enterprises
  • Authorised accountants
  • Tax assessment documents
  • Capital adequacy statements
  • PORT/FORT reporting
Investment advice
  • Preparing a strategy
  • Choosing an investment manager
  • Reporting
  • Manager analyses. Thorough analyses of Norwegian and international funds
  • Debt management. We can help with the organising of loan portfolios, raising loans and reporting
  • Independent control reports for pension funds
  • Stress testing
Courses and lectures
  • Pension-related topics
  • Investment-related topics

" We have worked with Gabler for 15 years. Efficient, reliable solutions are important to Bergen Municipal Pension Fund, and Gabler contributes to this.

We are concerned with having a good overview of our portfolio and risk situation, and regular reports from Gabler are important in that respect.

Bjørn Eknes, Adm. Direktør, Bergen Kommunale Pensjonskasse

The pension fund ensures that the City of Bergen has low pension costs by achieving a good return on the pension fund’s assets. For many years, the value-adjusted return has been substantially higher than that of life insurance companies:

2009: 12.3 %       2012:   7.3 %
2010:   7.4 %       2013:   8.9 %  
2011:   0.9 %

" Larvik municipality has worked with Gabler for 15 years. Gabler primarily helps us with investment-related issues. Our clear conclusion is that Gabler contributes expertise and helps to raise the quality of our decisions.

We are concerned with having a good overview of our portfolio and actively following up the risk situation. The reports from Gabler meet our requirements in this area. Larvik municipality aims to operate efficiently and keep the administration costs low. Gabler provides us with cost-efficient asset management solutions.

Paul Hellenes, Finansdirektør, Larvik kommunes Primæroppgavefond

The fund was established in 2001 to serve the community in the long term. The return of inflation may be disposed in municipal operating and capital budget. The fund is approximately 750 mill., and has achieved an average annual excess return of 0.9%.