We advise investors to improve their investment strategies through thorough and deep analysis of financial markets. Our proven ability to give good advice helps measurable results for our clients.

Our survey and analysis is based on extensive expertise and detailed knowledge of financial markets.

Our extensive network of investment management industry gives us firsthand knowledge of trends, markets and signs of danger.

It's not just analysis capabilities that set us apart. Our long experience of more than 15 years of business in the financial market, providing customers with a solid foundation for their strategic assessments and investment decisions.

We understand investments, the complexity of the products and the various market participants. This knowledge and experience enables us to provide the best investment and provide customer assurance for the decisions made.

" Our proven ability to give good advice helps measurable results for our clients.

Gabler look at ethics as granted and through our selection process favored managers who take this seriously. On behalf of our customers, we have also contributed that international managers have set up their own funds adapted to Government Pension Fund Global's ethical standards.

Tor Sydnes
Managing Director, Gabler Investment Consulting AS
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Our method is to provide comprehensive, customer-adapted advice. This is expressed through our three S’es: Strategy, Selection and Steering.


Through a thorough process in which we work together with the client, we draw up a strategy that takes account of the client’s goals and commitments. Our extensive experience means that we are experts on the laws and regulations that often define the limits for a strategy. Discipline and a long-term perspective are emphasised, together with the client’s willingness and ability to take risk.


When we seek the best investment managers, the first step in our selection process is to thoroughly analyse their historical results. This is followed by an extensive qualitative assessment of the managers who have achieved the best results. The most important aspects of this qualitative assessment are organisation, team and management methods. After all, the historical return is only an indication of a manager’s abilities. We are concerned with the potential for future excess return, and qualitative factors are important in that respect.


Investing in the capital markets is not a static process, and investments must be constantly monitored. This is ensured through good management, or steering. At Gabler, we have invested considerable resources in being able to deliver market-leading reports and follow-up, so that our clients can be confident about their investments. An important part of our management tool is the best trading platform on the market – Gabler Performa

" Our process ensures a robust and forward-looking portfolio.

Arild Braute Årdal
Investment Manager, Gabler Investment Consulting AS 

Clients with substantial private assets will normally organise them as investment or holding companies. Gabler has many years’ experience of institutional investors, which gives us a good basis for ensuring that private wealth is optimally invested on the basis of a well-defined investment strategy.

Gabler assists in drawing up such a strategy. We analyse your wishes and needs and give our independent assessment of the company’s financial position. When investing the capital, the portfolio is optimised at the same time as tax issues, subsidiaries’ capital needs and the owners’ need for dividend are taken into account.

Private owners of financial wealth are often concerned with retaining the capital for future generations by maintaining a moderate risk level in the portfolio. Institutional investors, such as pension funds and foundations, often have corresponding objectives. Gabler’s experience of dealing with institutional clients means that we apply the same quality standards in relation to private wealth.

Our joint procurement system and selection process mean low costs with some of the world’s best managers. We learnt from the financial crisis that Gabler’s method works in both good times and bad.

" Our extensive experience and history with institutional clients also provide security for big private fortunes.

As a client of Gabler, you have dedicated resources that monitor your investment portfolio and follow up the managers. Our goal is to be our clients’ partner. We follow up and monitor your assets, so that you can always be certain that the portfolio is managed in a responsible, expedient manner.

Ernst Hagen
Senior Consultant
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Managing investment portfolios is demanding, and ensuring cost-efficient operations and a good overview can be a challenge. Gabler Performa is the trading platform that solves these challenges. At the same time, the platform gives investors access to the world’s best managers.

Gabler Performa is an online management tool that gives clients a continuous overview of their portfolio’s development. Gabler Performa is organised as a joint procurement system that negotiates management fees on behalf of all of our clients that they benefit from. This makes even small investors important market players.

Almost NOK 20 billion is currently invested through Gabler Performa. Our clients include several of Norway’s biggest and most professional investment groups.

Low costs
  • We make continuous efforts to secure the best terms for our clients
Good return
  • Through broad access to the world’s capital markets and the best managers
Efficient operations
  • Simple procurement of capital management services through a single point of contact
Good overview
  • Insight and overview on a daily basis
  • Online access to information about return and risk
  • Assets are always the property of the investor
  • Danske Bank performs the trading and acts as the custody bank

" Gabler Performa ensures our clients efficient management of invested capital

Ølver Haveland
+47 997 96 029  -  Send me an email  -  LinkedIn

" Our asset management cooperation with Gabler has proved to be very successful. They have a personal commitment and the ability to make quick decisions when necessary. Rational and cost-efficient solutions are important to the Gjensidige Foundation, and Gabler has played an important role in this respect.

Knut Nordenhaug, Leder Finans og Investering, Gjensidige Stiftelsen 

The Gjensidige Foundation is unique. It is Norway’s biggest foundation and combines two important roles. One is exercised in its capacity as a significant financial institution and the main shareholder of Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, the other continues the tradition of contributing to socially beneficial causes with a focus on health and safety.

" Our partner Gabler Investment Consulting has been an important contributor to sound growth in the Kavli Trust’s financial portfolio. Gabler has given us good advice on our investment strategy and choice of funds/managers through good and bad times in the financial market.

Aksel Mjøs, Styreleder, Kavlifondet 

The Kavli Trust was established by Knut Kavli in 1962. The Trust owns the Kavli Group and is tasked with distributing the profit from the Group’s operations in accordance with the wishes of Knut Kavli. While part of the profit is intended to strengthen and develop the business, the rest goes to socially beneficial causes such as research, culture and humanitarian work. Since 2003, the Kavli Trust’s financial portfolio has grown from NOK 25 mill. to NOK 275 mill.

" Gabler has been our capital management and pension partner for many years. We are very satisfied with the availability of its stable, highly competent customer service team, which consists of individuals with a good sense of humour and the ability to deliver when it matters.

Frode Onarheim, Dir. Pensjon & Forsikring, ABB 

ABB is a leading company in power and automation technology, which enables customers in the energy, industry, transport and infrastructure sectors to increase their productivity while reducing the impact on the environment. ABB has more than 2,300 employees in Norway and an annual turnover of around NOK 10.8 billion. The company is part of the international ABB Group, which has about 145,000 employees in approximately 100 countries.