Gabler Insurance Brokers provides advisory services to customers on accident and health, pension and general insurance. We are an independent player and do not receive commission or remuneration from any insurance providers.

We have a strong focus on compliance. Everything we do is transparent, and all our actions can be traced and documented.

Through Gabler Insurance Brokers, we offer the best expertise available in Norway in the field of insurance and pension advisory services. We act as the link between supplier and client and add more than they can get directly from the supplier.

We make our clients good by always being one step ahead, always being available and always sharing our expertise. Over the past ten years, we have analysed providers of defined contribution pension schemes. Our analysis, which is the most comprehensive on the market, is published twice a year.

" We make things simple and clear for our clients through our extensive experience and high level of expertise.

Based on our experience and expertise, we can give our clients qualified advice about any insurance and pension challenges they may encounter. At the same time, we must be able to explain even the most complex matters in a simple and clear manner.

We handle all negotiations with suppliers and assist in day-to-day operations and with any claims. We are on our clients’ side and represent them in all insurance and pension matters.

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Christian Theodorsen
Senior broker/ Partner, Gabler Insurance Brokers AS
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