Gabler is a knowledge-based company that provides services in the fields of pensions, investment and insurance brokering. Our clients include 63 pension funds, several of Norway’s biggest financial institutions, and many municipalities and energy companies, foundations, enterprises and investment companies. Since the company’s formation in 1988, we have grown to over 110 employees, have a turnover of more than NOK 207 million and deliver good results for both our owners and clients.

Through follow-up agreements and investment services, we have over NOK 70 billion invested with Norwegian and international investment managers.

Gabler aims to provide secure, expedient pension solutions and a good rate of return to our clients. We achieve this by having highly capable employees, modern and flexible technological solutions, good partners and a focus on management.

The core values of the Gabler group are:

We will deliver results to create opportunities through our expertise in pensions, investment, insurance and consulting and customer proximity.

By focusing on our core values, we aim to build an organisation that is an attractive employer and serves the best interests of our clients. We are part of a pensions, investment and insurance market that is constantly changing.

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Aksel Bjerkvik
Group CEO
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