Pension is a complicated subject. Framework conditions, labor and financial conditions are constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to have good management and control schemes. All businesses are unique; pension plans and / or restructuring processes must be adapted to many different conditions.

Need for more economic predictability or cost, be an attractive employer with a clear senior policy and new pension rules provide both challenges and opportunities.

Gabler has a variety of calculation models and own custom pension analysis which gives an overall picture of pension plans as a basis for personnel policy and financial decisions.

If your business pension plans need to be changed or whether the organization must go through a restructuring process, it requires careful analysis and technical assistance.

" Our customers can always be assured of getting an objective and independent advice. By this beeing steady in difficult choices.

Information and training of managers, HR professionals, not to mention the staff, makes change processes easier and better. Gabler provides this with independent skills training, for example, senior courses.

Our consultants represent some of the country's foremost in their personal capacity and will provide independent and objective advice. We make difficult easier to understand, and the confidence to make the right choice.

Tor Sydnes

Tor Sydnes
Managing Director, Gabler Steenberg & Plahte AS
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